Golf Shots

by Pat

Various Golfing shots to try:

Playing The Cleek

Playing the cleek shot in golf. The designers of clubs have produced a model which takes care of the difference in the nature of the blow to be struck with a cleek and with a wooden club by “lofting” or inclining the face of the club more.

The Mid-Iron Golf Shot

The mid-iron shot is another golf shot and is related to the cleek. Novice golfers would do well to master this particular shot if they want to improve their game.

Use Of The Mashie Golf Shot

It is with real pleasure that I take up the mashie shot, because the mashie is my favorite club, if favorite there can be, as I have devoted more time and study to the shot than all others. It is a club which has vast possibilities, and is called upon to play a greater range of shots than all the other clubs combined.

Jigger and Niblick

The jigger is a cross between a mid-iron and a mashie, with nearly the range of the mid-iron and nearly the capacity for raising the ball which the mashie has. The principle of playing it is identically the same as with the other iron shots.

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