Beginners Golf Tips

This site covers the basics of playing golf, from posture, swing, addressing the ball right through to putting.

This is a comprehensive guide to playing golf for the novice player. If you’re just beginning in golf, start by following the links below to find the section most appropriate for your needs.

Beginners Golf Tips is the ideal site for any novice golfers just starting out and wanting to get some free tips on how to improve their game.

Beginners Golf Tips

You have an advantage as a beginner golfer: you’re not yet programmed to perform bad techniques.

A lot of more experienced golfers who were taught “the wrong way” have a difficult time forgetting old techniques that don’t work very well and it takes them much longer to fix things.

Since you’re just starting out, you can use the golf tips here in this website to help you get started off on the right foot, so you don’t develop those bad habits that are difficult to leave behind.

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Tips For Beginner Golfers

Balance : The Foundation of Golf

Balance is the foundation of golf and this section teaches the importance of this and the steps you can take to get it right.

Getting Power Into The Ball

Getting Power into the golf ball is really important. This page teaches the beginner how to get maximum power into the ball for optimum distance on the fairway.

Addressing The Ball

This page focuses on how a golfing novice or beginner should correctly approach the ball on the tee and look at the golf ball in the proper manner and addressing the ball correctly

Golf Swing Basics

Fundamentals of the Swing. This section covers the basic approach to the golf swing to ensure the ball is hit correctly at all times on the golf course.

Correct Golf Posture

This page discusses developing the correct posture in the game of golf. It isn’t just beginners that struggle with adopting the correct body position.

The Vardon Grip

The Vardon grip is a popular way of holding a golf club. This page offers golf instruction and grip pressure advice for the novice golfer .

Golf Shots

Various golf shots and techniques to try.

Putting Tips For Golf

Putting tips for novice golfers. Advice and tips for golf beginners on the putting green. Learning how to master the putt is a must if you’re a novice golfer looking to improve your golf game.